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Introducing Trinity - Your ultimate and sustainable Hair Care Companion!


Why choose Trinity?  

Effortless Application: Featuring an innovative comb applicator with slender teeth, Trinity glides seamlessly through your hair, reaching every strand, from roots to tips. Say goodbye to uneven application and hello to thorough, nourishing treatment. 

Precision at its Finest: Each tooth of the comb applicator is equipped with a unique discharging function, ensuring a consistent amount of product release.  

A gentle massage: As Trinity works its magic, it offers a gentle massage for your scalp whilst applying treatment, turning your hair care routine into a pampering experience. 

Versatile: Trinity is designed to cater to your unique hair care needs. Available in a sleek 30mm diameter tube with volume options ranging from 20ml to 80ml, Trinity is your go-to, regardless of your hair type or length. 

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