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Revolutionizing Packaging with Novapax's IBM Machine at Toly


Welcome to the future of packaging innovation at Toly! We are thrilled to share a groundbreaking development that will elevate our manufacturing capabilities to new heights. Toly has recently invested in the cutting-edge Novapax Injection Blow Moulding (IBM) machine, a game-changer in the world of plastic packaging production. 

Injection Blow Moulding is a sophisticated manufacturing process that seamlessly combines the injection of molten plastic into a preformed mold with the subsequent blowing of compressed air. This innovative technique allows us to create hollow plastic objects with unmatched precision and consistency. 

The Novapax IBM machine brings with it a myriad of advantages. From the ability to craft complex shapes to superior consistency and cost-effective production, IBM stands out as a transformative solution for packaging development. It allows us to produce parts of equal volume using fewer materials and less space, making it an environmentally conscious choice. 

The IBM machine boasts features such as high precision, energy efficiency, and user-friendly operation, aligning perfectly with Toly's commitment to quality and innovation. 

Key Features and Benefits of Novapax IBM Machine: 

  • Advanced Control System: Precise control over the entire manufacturing process ensures consistent quality output. 
  • Fast Cycle Times: High production speeds enable us to meet customer demands efficiently. 
  • Energy Efficiency: The machine's energy-saving features lead to reduced operating costs and environmental sustainability. 
  • Versatile Design Capabilities: Toly can now produce a wide range of toy designs with intricate details and high-quality finishes. 
  • Easy Maintenance and Troubleshooting: User-friendly design, easy maintenance requirements, and efficient troubleshooting options make production smoother than ever. 

Our NSB 650 machine from Novapax allows us to run both PP and PET in addition to PE, providing unparalleled flexibility in packaging design. Toly is committed to sustainability, and with Novapax's IBM machine, we can use recyclable materials like PP, PE, and PET, as well as materials containing recycled content (PCR).