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Revolutionizing the Beauty Industry: Toly's 360-Degree Sustainable Beauty Development Platform


Revolutionizing the Beauty Industry: Toly's 360-Degree Sustainable Beauty Development Platform

In this post, we will delve into the concept of Toly as a 360 Degree Beauty Development Platform which includes the comprehensive services offered by Toly, and the remarkable benefits that cosmetics, and makeup brands can reap by collaborating with us. As we embark on this transformative journey, we place great emphasis on sustainability, eco-friendliness, and ethical practices in packaging and product development.

What is a Beauty Development Platform?

A beauty development platform is a holistic ecosystem that connects beauty brands, manufacturers, and service providers, enabling them to collaborate seamlessly, exchange ideas, and transform concepts into tangible products. Toly's 360 Degree Beauty Platform acts as a bridge between creativity, expertise, and cutting-edge capabilities, fostering innovation, agility, and forward-thinking practices. Just as Uber revolutionized the taxi industry and Airbnb disrupted the hotel industry, Toly aspires to become the Uber of the cosmetics industry, revolutionizing traditional practices and connecting leading beauty brands to manufacturers and service providers through our platform.

Toly's Services

At Toly, we offer an extensive range of services and solutions through our beauty platform. Our evolution from an engineering company to a packaging supplier and, finally, to a solutions provider has equipped us with a diverse set of capabilities and expertise.

Our services include:

1. Global Manufacturing & Supply Network: Toly boasts a global manufacturing footprint, including plants in Malta, China, and Korea, as well as partnerships in North America. With our wide reach due to our extensive supply chain, we can provide localized manufacturing solutions, diverse packaging materials such as glass, metal, and paper, and cater to various beauty sectors, including makeup, skincare, fragrance, and secondary promotional packaging.
Toly Asia, our trading business, works closely with numerous partners in China, further enhancing our platform. These ventures not only offer our customers in-region manufacturing but also provide product diversity.

Today, Toly China enables us to offer not only makeup packaging but also skincare solutions such as airless, jars, and droppers. We have diversified our material options as well, incorporating glass, metal, and paper into our offerings.


Aligning with our commitment to sustainability, we have introduced a range of refill options, including a plastic PET refillable pack, a glass outer bottle with a refillable airless PP inner, and an aluminum outer pack with a refillable airless PP inner.

Toly Asia also excels in sourcing and developing applicators and can assist in prototyping new concepts at a minimal cost, providing brands with valuable support in bringing their innovative ideas to life.

Moving to Korea, we have established a fantastic platform that has evolved from being a Trading Company to vertically integrating into manufacturing. Our joint venture in airless packaging, TAP - Toly Airless Packaging, operates from a state-of-the-art factory, offering cutting-edge packs. At TKM - Toly Korea Manufacturing, we produce cushion compacts, loose powder packs, skincare jars, and plastic droppers.

Korea stands as an excellent option for brands seeking localized manufacturing solutions within Korea itself or for those who prefer Asian manufacturing but have concerns about China. Korea's strong focus on innovative packaging solutions and their ambition to stay ahead make it a valuable contributor to our platform. For instance, TKM recently made significant investments in stretch IBM with six Aoki machines, broadening their product offering to include PET blow-molded bottles and mono-material jars.

As Toly continues to evolve as a global manufacturer, we remain dedicated to expanding our partnerships and network, with a particular focus on Asia, as well as North and South America. Brands increasingly seek localized solutions, and we are committed to fulfilling these requirements through our comprehensive platform.

2. Business Units: Aside from our global manufacturing plants, Toly's global presence is strongly felt through our extensive network of 9 business units, which encompass sales offices and trading offices strategically located around the world. Our business units are spread across key regions, including the USA (East and West), the UK, France, Belgium, Malta, Hong Kong, China, and South Korea. These well-established offices allow us to effectively serve our clients and partners in various markets, enabling seamless communication, efficient distribution, and localized support.

3. Research and Development: Within our organization, we have established Beauty Source as our dedicated research and development hub. Through Beauty Source, Toly actively engages with consumers to gain valuable insights into their attitudes and preferences regarding current trends in the cosmetics industry. By closely connecting with the consumer base, we stay informed about their evolving needs and aspirations, which allows us to develop innovative and consumer-centric solutions. Beauty Source serves as a dynamic platform for Toly to drive forward-thinking initiatives and ensure our products align with the ever-changing demands of the beauty market.

4. Cosmetic Packaging Innovations: Innovation is at the heart of our platform. Our dedicated research and development teams, coupled with our state-of-the-art Toly Design Studios, enable us to create up to 200 new packaging concepts every year. By focusing on dispensing, application, and sustainability, we introduce groundbreaking innovations such as refillable airless packaging and cutting-edge designs that captivate consumers and set brands apart.

5. Sustainable Packaging Solutions: At Toly, we are deeply committed to environmental stewardship and offer a wide range of sustainable packaging options to meet the growing demand for eco-friendly solutions. Our dedication to sustainability is evident through our partnerships with new material suppliers such as Paperfoam and Sulapac, enabling us to provide unique and environmentally conscious packaging alternatives.

Under our Toly Deluxe division, we actively trade paper products based upon our exclusive agreement with Hung Hing in Asia, specifically within the beauty industry. What started with paper compacts and palettes has expanded to include advent calendars, set-up boxes, folding cartons, and other secondary packaging solutions.

The advantage of our platform lies in our commitment to finding solutions for our customers, even if they fall outside our core competence. We embrace the challenge and leverage our extensive network to provide sustainable packaging options that align with our customers' needs.

One of our significant sustainable packaging materials is Paperfoam, for which we hold an exclusive contract within the beauty industry. As the world embraces sustainable materials, we offer Paperfoam as a unique and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional packaging materials. We are actively exploring opportunities to replace more traditional secondary packaging with Paperfoam solutions.

In addition to sustainable materials, Toly has invested in cutting-edge technology to enhance our manufacturing capabilities. Within our factory in Malta, we house both conventional manufacturing, such as injection molding, and a state-of-the-art 3D printing farm consisting of 150 printers. This unique combination allows us to offer flexibility and speed in production.

6. Applicator Solutions: Toly's platform extends beyond packaging. We offer a range of beauty applicators, working closely with our partners to develop high-quality, innovative solutions. From brushes and sponges to advanced applicator technologies, our goal is to enhance the user experience and elevate the application process.

7. Toly Studios: To fully leverage our extensive capabilities, Toly has made a strategic investment in establishing an in-house studio. This state-of-the-art studio serves as a dynamic and versatile space where we harness our expertise and creativity to bring our clients' visions to life. Equipped with cutting-edge technology and a team of skilled professionals, our in-house studio enables us to offer comprehensive solutions tailored to our clients' specific needs.

8. Beauty Trill: Beauty Trill is a pivotal component of our comprehensive platform at Toly. In addition to supplying cutting-edge packaging solutions, we have expanded our capabilities to offer our customers complete, filled packs. This strategic initiative allows us to deliver a seamless end-to-end experience, providing our clients with a hassle-free solution where they can receive both the packaging and the finished product from a single source.

By expanding our services to encompass the complete package, Beauty Trill ensures that our clients can streamline their supply chain and simplify their operations. This integrated approach reflects our commitment to meeting the diverse needs of the beauty industry and reinforces Toly's position as a trusted partner for brands seeking convenience, efficiency, and outstanding results.

9. Toly Design Studio, encompasses many of Toly's services under one roof and is an integral component of our comprehensive service offering, is your gateway from ideation to market success.

Our Design Studio specializes in concept design, helping clients bring their ideas to life with creativity and precision. Additionally, we offer market research services to ensure your products resonate with your target audience and align with current market trends. To further enhance your brand's visibility, our Design Studio excels in audiovisual productions, creating captivating content that engages and inspires.

By harnessing the power of Toly Design Studio, our clients gain access to a comprehensive suite of services tailored to meet your branding needs. Our team of talented designers, researchers, and audiovisual experts are dedicated to bringing your vision to life, elevating your brand's presence in the market and empowering you to achieve success.

How Brands Benefit from Toly's Platform

Collaborating with Toly through our 360-degree beauty development platform offers numerous advantages for beauty brands.

Let's explore the key benefits:

1. Access to a Vast Network: Toly's platform connects brands to a vast network of manufacturers, service providers, and industry experts, allowing them to tap into a wealth of knowledge, experience, and resources. This expansive network opens doors to endless possibilities, enabling brands to find tailored solutions and meet their specific requirements.

2. Agility and Flexibility: Unlike traditional industrial models, Toly's platform empowers brands with agility and flexibility. By leveraging our extensive capabilities, brands can streamline their product development process, reduce time-to-market, and swiftly adapt to evolving consumer trends. This flexibility allows brands to stay ahead of the competition and seize new opportunities.

3. Sustainable Packaging Solutions: With sustainability at the core of our platform, Toly enables brands to align with eco-conscious consumers as we constantly strive to be different and think different for a sustainable future. Our extensive range of sustainable packaging options, including eco-friendly materials, biodegradable solutions, and recyclable packaging, allows brands to demonstrate their commitment to the environment and differentiate themselves in the market.

4. Holistic Service Offerings: Toly's comprehensive suite of services encompasses all aspects of the beauty development process, including design, manufacturing, and sustainability. Brands can benefit from consolidated supply chains, reduced complexities, and simplified operations, all while maintaining the highest quality standards.

Toly's 360-degree beauty development platform represents a paradigm shift in the beauty industry, propelling brands towards innovation, sustainability, and success. Through our global network, comprehensive services, and unwavering commitment to sustainability, and making a positive impact, we aim to redefine industry standards and empower brands to create products that resonate with today's conscious consumers. Join us in pushing the boundaries and transforming to succeed.

Experience the power of Toly's 360-Degree Beauty Development Platform. Contact us today to explore how our innovative solutions can take your brand to new heights. Let's play to win, together we can, Recover Reinvent and Reignite.