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Sustainable Solutions: Metal and Glass


Eco-Friendly Packaging, Endless Possibilities

Are you looking for a sustainable and versatile packaging solution? 

Allow us to introduce the 50g glass jar with an aluminum cap, a stylish and eco-friendly container, perfect for your packaging needs.

This jar features a one-piece aluminum cap and a PP shive, ensuring a secure and leak-proof seal for your products. The gasket can be easily removed from the aluminum cap, allowing each component (Cap / Shive / Jar) to be recycled individually, making it a sustainable option for any cosmetics line. 

With limitless decoration options, our promotion for this jar includes a transparent green color and a silk-screened logo in two colors for a clean and simple look. The raw silver color of the aluminum cap adds to the elegance of the design, making it a standout addition to your packaging. 

While the 50g glass jar is currently being paired with the aluminum cap, we offer various options to meet your customer's needs. Speak to one of our Toly representatives today to learn more about the possibilities that are suitable for you. 

Choose the 50g aluminum and glass jar for an eco-friendly, stylish, and versatile packaging option that will showcase your products in the best way possible.