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We Are Back


Toly are excited to announce the confirmation of their attendance for Packaging Innovations London and Luxepack Monaco for 2021, as well as PCD Paris scheduled in early 2022.

In a time when the pandemic is pushing companies to rethink their packaging and address the shift towards sustainable and safe-packaging solutions. 
We will be presenting our highly efficient, wide array of products ranging from eyes, lips, face and skincare all the way to cardboard categories to meet post Covid-19 trends.

Innovation remains the key currency for Toly, and during our year of silence from an exhibiting front, we cannot say the same about our packaging possibilities. 
The past year, only led us to double our drive and create vast packaging offerings, with a strong focus on hygienic user experience.

Toly are excited to showcase their new concepts and help brands deliver sustainable cosmetic products without compromising on performance properties and aesthetic.

In this new digital world – let us stay connected online, but not forget to interact offline. 
In this regard, we have never been more looking forward to meeting you in person and showcase our fresh and playful packaging!

Further details will be announced closer to the date of the respective shows.  

Interested to learn more? 😉