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10 Key Points in Toly's Strategy


In line with our 2021 theme, I would like to share with you ten key points that I believe Toly must continue to focus on, such that we Play to Win.

1. Reignite the Passion & Keep Looking Forward
Customers always tell us that they feel the Toly passion, but with the lack of face-to-face contact we must reignite the passion and maintain a forward-looking vision.

2. Keep Customers at the Centre of our Business
Focus on winning business, intriguing them, exciting them with our creativity, and delivering on our promises.

3. Have a Strong Purpose
At Toly, we have a clear vision, mission, and purpose, supported by our core values.
We need to align everybody behind the vision, and stay positive and motivated.

4. Dream Big & Aim High
We must never have any regrets that we did not aim high enough.
We must never lose our ambition.
Scaling up is not linear – there are bumps in the curve like a pandemic year – but we will recover, reinvent, and reignite.

5. Innovate & Disrupt
Innovation is in our DNA.
We want to become the most creative company in our industry and disrupt the traditional packaging suppliers.
We need to be unique and stand out.
Being better is unsustainable, but being unique is unstoppable.

6. Communicate
In 2020, we stepped up our levels of communication across the group.
This will continue and is vital to maintain alignment across the whole company.

7. Have Resilience
2020 was an intense and volatile year, but we survived.
Resilience is our ability to bounce back from a year like last year as well as the stresses in life.
It is not about avoiding the stress, but instead learning to thrive with the stress.

8. Be Agile
The world changed in just a few weeks.
For Toly, life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, but instead it is learning how to dance in the rain.

9. Attract & Keep the Right Talent
People like the Toly values, the family spirit, and the feeling that they are not just a number.

And finally,

10. Get Our Strategy Right
This revolves around our four pillars of:
• People
• Strategy
• Execution
• Cash

We must maintain our focus and discipline.
Focus is the key to success.
It will make us happier, healthier, and get harmony in our lives.

We will continue to invest in a brighter future.
We will continue to build a beauty powerhouse and
We will continue to create our own luck.

Everybody has their own destiny, but not everyone has the courage to follow it.
I promise you – we will.

So let us create a better future together.
Because the future is now.

Andy Gatesy,
Chairman and CEO