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Toly Core Value Awards


Earlier this year, Toly held its annual sales meeting in Malta, and during this event Toly launched its first core value awards.

Being a privately owned company, Toly lives its core values, which are


30 people were nominated from across the group for this prestigious award, with one winner and two runners-up being chosen in each category by an independent panel of judges.


Claudia Chircop won the award in the category of People.

Working in the marketing team, Claudia always goes out of her way to make people feel important and part of the Toly family.

She often volunteers for duties outside her remit, and her powerful sense of purpose and passion make her a role model to others.


Celine Segalen won the award in the category of Passion.

Celine is a member of the Belgium sales team and over the years has evolved through the organisation. She has an unwavering commitment for passion in Toly, with its customers, with her colleagues, and everything she touches.

She always shows professionalism and commitment with a smile and a positive attitude, and is always ready to support her colleagues.


Apollonia Bonello won the award in the category of Pride.

Apollonia started at Toly many years ago and has constantly progressed through the organisation from a junior financial role to running the accounting team for the Malta factory, and more recently taking over as finance manager for Toly’s US sales office.

Her attention to detail, her unwavering commitment to Toly, and her support to all areas of the business demonstrate a strong sense of pride.


Alan Xerri won the award in the category of Creativity.

Alan has led our automation strategy since inception, and more recently was instrumental in the migration to the new Malta factory.

He always challenges himself to find solutions and remain one step ahead.


And finally,


Paul Adams was awarded the Zoli Gatesy Award for Outstanding Contribution.

Paul originally joined Toly as a toolmaker in the UK. He then moved to Malta as a product designer, and always demonstrates his Toly spirit.

Despite his personal hardships he is always positive, and a true Toly Spartan.

In the last four weeks, the world has been disrupted by COVID-19.

For Toly, despite this crisis, nothing is more important than retaining its core values, its sense of community, and its soul.

For sure the world will be a different place, but Toly will prosper in the future by adapting and reinventing itself, as it has always done.