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WINNER of the Luxury Packaging Awards 2014


Toly Products has been announced as the winner of the Luxury Packaging Awards 2014 in the Cosmetics and Personal Care category for the state-of-the-art GENEU Air Lift Pump System.

Created by GENEU, this DNA based anti-ageing skincare system is a world first in personalized skincare regimes. In less than an hour the “DNA BeautyLab on a micro-chip” tests, analyses and recommends anti-ageing serums in the comfort of the GENEU flagship store.

State of the art skincare deserves state of the art packaging! Toly Products designed the high-end premium GENEU Airlift Pump System to reflect the luxury culture of the GENEU brand. This refillable pack is available in three surface decorations: pearlescent white, gunmetal grey and black. It houses two personalized refill packs with a magnetic closure and its’ heavy weight gives the pack that ultra-luxurious feel.

The many components within this pack take advantage of Toly’s in-house manufacturing capabilities.

Yet another example of how Tolys innovation is leading the future of packaging!