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Toly officially opens its brand new corporate offices and innovation centre


On 19th January, 2015 the Prime Minister of Malta, in the presence of many distinguished guests, officially opened Toly's brand new corporate offices with integrated innovation centre.

Over the past 5 years all of Toly's corporate functions have been moved to Malta including; marketing, design, innovation, group finance, logistics and information technology.    

In the words of Andy Gatesy, Chairman and CEO:

"A world leader needs world leading offices and I believe we have achieved this with this building. I want everybody who walks into this building to clearly understand who Toly is, our history, who we are today and be inspired as to where we are going".

The company's purpose built innovation centre is a state-of-the-art facility which includes:

  • Trends
  • The company's full range of standard packaging across all categories
  • Company technologies
  • Company innovations

Toly welcomes all existing and prospective customers to visit the facilities in Malta and co-operate in open innovation.

Founded in 1971, Toly products Ltd is now one of the world's leading luxury packaging manufacturers in the cosmetic, fragrance and skin care industries providing creative solutions for the cosmetic packaging industry with high quality manufacturing facilities around the world. The company's vision is 'To be the world leader in packaging solutions for the beauty industry and other selected market niches'.