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Toly launches a range of Cushion Compacts


Following the strong trend in Korea, Toly is presenting a full range of Cushion Compacts. This clever concept has a product filled sponge sitting on the base of a compact.

As an alternative, Toly has also developed a net cushion version whereby a synthetic net sits above the product for a smooth application. Toly has a range of different sizes namely 10, 15 and 20 grams and several different shapes to suit all customer needs.

Toly products Ltd, founded in 1971, is now one of the world's leading luxury packaging manufacturers in the cosmetic, fragrance and skin care industries providing creative solutions for the cosmetic packaging industry with high quality manufacturing facilities around the world.

The company is privately owned and has its corporate offices with integrated innovation centre situated on the Mediterranean island of Malta, a plant in China and manufacturing facilities in India and South Korea. With sales/trading offices in London, New York, Paris, Belgium, Hong Kong, Seoul and India, and a strong network of alliance partnerships, Toly is able to support an international customer base in providing innovative packaging solutions, utilizing state-of-the-art technology.