Toly's Global Relief Movement in aid of Turkey


We are humbled and honoured to announce our participation in the global relief movement for Turkey.  

At Toly, we often emphasise that people come first, as this is part of our core values of people, passion, pride, and creativity. We recognise that our ability to empathise is one of the most beautiful qualities of humanity. This is why we thought it was imperative to do our utmost to help by donating some essential items to the ahbap organisation. Tents, blankets, jackets, baby nappies, boots, towels, sheets, haversacks and suitcases were collected and donated to those families and individuals affected by this tragedy.  

If you want to help affected people, send cash don’t buy things and leave them at the Turkish embassy. It will take months for anything you leave there to reach the people in Turkey and Syria who need the goods never mind the astronomical cost of shipping. Whereas if you send cash people can buy what they need immediately, and you’ll support local businesses. It’s important to have good intentions but also to be effective! 

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