Toly Appoints MCAST Students with a Certificate After Completing their 100-hour Work Placement


Toly are the pioneers between MCAST and the association with other companies. For the last decade, Toly has been in partnership with MCAST Institute of Art and Design.

This July, Toly has appointed four dedicated students with a certificate after completing their 100-hour work placement within the organisation.
Their role was to support the Marketing team with day-to-day activities whilst participating and taking initiative on ongoing projects.

We were impressed with how well the students integrated with the team, and had place to take on one of the students to join us for the summer months during their scholastic break.
The lucky individual has been offered to extend his learning curve and ameliorate his capabilities whilst also being a part of the Toly Group.

At Toly, we strongly believe in a long-term vision, in fact this is ingrained in our Core Values. We continually thrive to grow our business by investing in not just our equipment, but also our people in the long-term and this view is also extended to the communities within which we operate. By providing students with practical case studies to put their coursework into practice, Toly reaffirms its commitment to strengthen the younger generations and give them the opportunity to gain a better knowledge of the world of work.

We wish them the best of luck and always welcome new students to partake in the Toly Experience.