The Marketing kids tackle St Patrick’s boys


At around Christmas, being the season to be jolly and all that, we at the Marketing team decided to get off our desks and do a little – give a little, move a little, cheer a little, play a little… you get the gist right?

On Wednesday 19th December, we went to the football ground of St Patricks School in Sliema, were we met some of the boys residing there and their leaders.

Although the boys at first seemed shy and reserved, a couple of jokes soon broke the ice and the kids’ competitive spirit took over… or shall we say everyone’s competitive spirit given that at one point there were more grownups than kids stomping around trying to burst the others’ balloons.

The marketing split into two groups, some of us chatted and played with the kids whilst others ran a face painting corner as the boys teased each other who got the coolest splash of colour on their face.

At the end of what seemed too short a couple of hours, we gave the boys a small gift each and in return received a ton of gratitude and a good dose of cheer and happiness, truly fitting the festive season.

Following the success of this first community outreach by the Marketing team, we are already discussing plans for more events to help the local community as part of Toly’s CSR initiatives.