Today, we can offer all of our standard and customer-made products produced in Malta in PCR. We source our raw material from a supplier in the UK, which has all the regulatory documents available.

Benefits of PCR
  • It is ABS and PP, therefore, mouldable using our stock tools
  • The price of PCR matches that of ABS and PP
  • Consistent quality – the performance is comparable with "virgin" ABS and PP
  • It is lacquerable and printable
  • There exists a consistent and secure supply


Our cardboard supplier is committed to sustainable manufacturing and strives to use the world's limited resources wisely at all times. To name a few, they use:

  • Steam generated boilers run on natural gas
  • Soy oil-based processing inks for printing
  • All paper suppliers have FSC or PEFC certificates
  • Reuse scrap paper or collect it and sell to paper mills for recycling