Augustinus Bader

Augustinus Bader used Toly’s pump glass dispenser for their 50ml ‘PPC Cellular Renewal Cream’. The range was later extended with the diptube bottles to introduce the 30ml travel version of the ‘PPC Renewal Cream’. The same dip tube glass bottle was used for ‘The Rich Cream’ available in 15ml and 30ml.


NuFACE also opted for Toly’s standard airless dispenser packs available in various sizes for the ‘Aqua Gel’ and ‘Silk Crème’ as part of their skincare range.


Toly supplied Korres with a wide range of packaging. The airless dispensers seem to be a favourite of Korres and can be seen throughout their skincare line. Toly’s standard glass dropper was selected for their latest ‘White Pine’ launch using spray coating and two print passes as part of decoration.


Tatcha selected Toly’s airless dispensers for their ‘Violet C Brightening Serum’ and ‘The Dewy Serum’ skincare collection. These bottles are available in various sizes and decorated using gradient spray coating and silk screen printing.

Rouge Bunny Rouge

Rouge Bunny Rouge opted for Toly’s standard airless dispenser for the ‘Dancing in the Dark, Radiance Elixr’ primer as part of their complexion make-up range. The bottle is injected in a black matte coating and uses one pass of clear silk-screen printing and one pass of matt silver hot stamping technique.


Lubex chose Toly Asia’s dual airless dispenser for their new ‘Double Serum’ as part of their anti-ageing range. The dispenser has two separate chambers that when pressed, release two separate formulations simultaneously.


Raloha chose Toly’s standard airless dispenser for the ‘Provencal’ collection as part of their sunscreen line. The pack decoration consists of black injection with matte coating.


Toly supplied Skingredients with five of Toly’s standard airless doubled walled dispenser made out of PETG and ABS. The inner tubes that act as refills are made out PE and PP materials that are widely recyclable.

Soul Glow

Toly provided Soul Glow with Toly Asia’s standard airless dispenser for their serum collection as part of the skincare line.


Toly’s standard airless dispenser was used by Wander to house their ‘Drift Away Cleanser’.

Mz Skin

MZ Skin opted for Toly’s airless dispenser tester sized pack for the ‘Rest & Revive’ and ‘Brighten & Perfect’ within their prestige skincare line.


Yalode entrusted Toly with the packaging for their ‘Intensive Eye Care’ as part of their prestige skincare line.

La Colline

La Colline chose Toly’s standard airless dispenser for their 15ml ‘NativAge Le Sérum Contour des Yeux’ and their standard glass jar for the ‘Cell Recharge Energizing Cream’ as part of their anti-ageing skincare range.

Skin Pharmacist

Toly provided a selection of airless dispenser packs and standard droppers for Skin Pharmacist.


Pai entrusted Toly with the supply of various skincare and airless packs for their ‘Feather Canyon Echium & Argan Eye Cream’, Rose Gentle Cream Cleanser, Dual Flyer Cloth’ and bestselling ‘Middlemist Sevencamellia.


Toly provided Elegance with a range of standard products for their ‘Multi Advanced Serum’ skincare line.


Toly continue to work with Bonpoint by providing them with the ‘Nourishing Body Cream’ and ‘Moisturizing Face Cream’ jars as well as their ‘Moisturizing Face Lotion’ airless dispenser which form part of the ‘Baby & Child’ skincare line.


Pitanium opted for Toly’s standard jar for the ‘Powdered Restoring Balm’ moisturizer. Toly’s standard bottle was also chosen for the ‘Hemp Soothing Scrub’ as part of their skincare range.


Toly provided Miamo with their standard airless dispenser for their ‘Enzyme Peel 0² Masque’ and standard jar for their ‘Age Reverse Masque’ which form part of their skincare range.


Toly provided Krymi, a selection of airless dispenser bottles, jars and standard droppers as part of their new brand launch.

Craith Lab

Toly’s integrated applicator dispensers as well as their standard tube bottles both form part of Craith Lab’s premium brand and latest skincare launches. Some decorative techniques used include soft touch coating, matte coating and silk screen printing.


Toly worked with Nemeen to launch ‘Extra Rich Balm Face and Body’ as part of their skincare range targeted for men.


Six GLDN opted for Toly’s standard 15ml airless pump for their ‘Botanical Cleansing Gel’, ‘Nourishing Face Oil’ and ‘Botanical Toner’ which form part of their skincare range.


Toly’s standard pump bottle was chosen by Playa, for their ‘Ritual Body Serum’ as part of their skincare line. The pack is decorated by using silk-screen printing and hot stamp technique.


Toly provided Kicks with their standard pump bottle dispenser for the ‘MON - SUN Dusk Till Dawn Oil Cleanser’ as part of their skincare collection.

Ultra Violette

Ultra Violette chose Toly’s airless tube for the ‘Supreme Screen Hydrating Facial Skinscreen’ as well as the ‘Clean Screen Mattifying Mineral Skinscreen’ which both make part of their SPF skincare collection.

111 Skin

Toly provided 111 Skin with their standard tube bottles for a variety of facial masks which form part of their premium skincare line. The pack decoration consists of a combination of silk printing in white and hot-foil in silver.


Toly provided Serovital with their standard nude dropper for the ‘TriHydrate Concentrate' and their standard jar for the ‘Deep Moisture Recovery Whip’ as part of their skincare line. Both packs feature gold metallized cap.


Mutha launched their ‘Face Oil’ using Toly’s standard luxury dropper and ‘No.1 Serum’ using the SP13V-10B dropper both with a custom chrome purple finish and metalized silver dropper. Toly’s pump dispenser bottle in PETG was also selected using silk screen printing for their latest launch ‘Up All Night Eye Cream’ as part of their skincare collection and selected Toly’s Spatula applicators for promoting hygiene with Face Creams.


Versed chose Toly’s standard airless dispenser for the ‘Recovery Mode Advanced Night Cream’ as part of their skincare range. The pack is made out of 50% PCR PP and uses spray matte UV coating as decoration. Versed also opted for Toly’s 30ml heavy wall PET dropper made with 30% PCR PET for their ‘Sunday Morning Antioxidant Oil Serum’.

Brave Face

Brave Face: Brave Face entrusted Toly with custom and stock packaging for the launch of their latest ‘anti anxiety’ pharmaceutical range. The collection entails 'Oral Capsules' as well as 'Oral Day Spray' and 'Oral Night Drops' where the packs consist of 100% PCR PET, and injection blow moulded bottles for a reduced weight .


Toly supplied NuFACE with their standard droppers for their ‘Super Peptide Booster’, ‘Super Vita-C Booster’ and ‘Antioxidant Booster’ as part of their skincare range. Toly also provided NuFACE with a 5ml tester size dropper for each booster.


Melume opted for Toly’s dropper for their ‘The Face Serum’ complementing their skincare collection.

Each & Every

Each & Every selected Toly’s standard dropper for their ‘Skin Goals Facial Oil’ as part of their skincare range.


Ikaria chose Toly’s standard dropper for the ‘Renew Daytime Fyto Retinol Serum’ as part of their skincare collection. The glass bottle has a frosted finish and decoration consisting of one pass of hot stamping and 2 passes of silk-screen printing.

Laura Sunshine

Laura Sunshine selected one of Toly’s droppers for their ‘Melasm Serum.’ The auto-priming dropper has a glass and aluminium finishing, giving it a smooth and elegant feel.

Beverly Hills MD

Beverly Hills MD opted for Toly’s standard dropper to launch their new ‘Revive + Balance Probio Serum’ as part of their skincare line.

Lord Jones

Toly supplied Lord Jones with their standard droppers for the ‘Pore Detox CBD Face Oil’ as part of their face care range. The glass bottle is decorated using one pass UV clear coating and one pass of silk-screening.


Toly developed for Dior two of their standard jars for Dior’s ‘Les Solutions Professionnelles’ range.


Toly supplied Givenchy with a variety of small square heavy walled jars for their premium skincare collection. Their latest ‘Le Soin Noir Eye Cream’ 15ml pack features a distinctive Givenchy logo as decoration and a black injected cap with a matte UV coating.


Stendhal chose Toly’s refillable jars in two sizes for their ‘Pur Luxe’ and ‘Capital Beauté’ anti-ageing range.

Simply This

Simply This opted for Toly’s standard jar to launch their ‘Probiotic Revitalizing Cream’. The logo is discreetly positioned on the front of the jar.

Les Alpages

Toly provided Les Alpages with the heavy walled jar for their ‘Lifting & Firming Mask’. The pack is decorated with a shiny blue metallized cap, and embossed logo.


Reversaline opted to work with Toly, to provide tester sized jars to complement the ‘AM Cream’ and ‘PM Replenisher’ packs which form part of their ‘Daily Dose’ line from their skincare range.

Kinship Beauty

Kinship Beauty selected Toly’s standard glass jar for their ‘Brightwave Energizing + Brightening Eye Cream’ complementing their skincare range.


Well Honest chose compacts from the Anthea Line to launch their Delalisa brand as well as a mascara and lipgloss. The range is harmonised by gold metallising.

Erno Laszlo

Toly supplied a variety of packs from their extensive portfolio of airless dispensers for Erno Laszlo. The packs vary in size ranging from 5ml to 30ml.

Frei Öl

Toly provided Frei Öl with the 10ml TK06-010C jar for the ‘Night Care Passionflower Cream’ in the hydrolipid skincare range.

Jean D’Arcel

Jean D’Arcel opted for the CT-012-002-5 twist pen for their ‘Age Spot Corrector’ as part of their ‘Multibalance’ Anti-Aging skincare range.

Juliette Armand

Toly supplied Juliette Armand with the T23 airless dispenser for the ‘Forte C 12%’ as part of the ‘Elements’ skincare range.


Korres once again opted for Toly Korea’s standard T3 airless tube dispenser for their ‘Wild Rose Moisturising and Brightening Cream’ targeted towards oily skin.


Toly Korea supplied Mioggi with the TK-EZ30 easy dropper for their ‘Magic Advanced Vita Genefactor’. The pink elastomer cap carries a glass pipette.


Toly Korea supplied Oskia with the innovative TK57, nude dropper for the intense anti-pollution defence booster as part of their ‘Citylife Concentrate’ range.


Tula chose from Toly Korea’s standard portfolio, the T30-30CSH airless dispenser for the ‘Aqua Infusion Power Liquid’ from their probiotic skincare line.

Augustinus Bader

Toly was entrusted by Augustinus Bader, with the launch of their high end skincare ‘PPC Cellular renewal Cream’. Toly also developed the rigid box that houses the cream dispenser.


Toly supplied Biossance with T29 oil pump and SP18HA-30RD dropper for the ‘Squalane’ skincare line.

Erno Laslo

Toly supplied a variety of packs from their extensive portfolio of airless dispensers to Erno Laszlo.


Toly supplied various packs to Glycel for their skincare range such as the T4-15CSN with gradation effect which was used for the ‘Hydro Firm’ eye cream.


TU13HA-3B, the specially designed dropper from Toly Korea, was chosen by Halier for their hair and scalp serum for men and women.

Janssen Cosmetics

Janssen Cosmetics selected various sizes from Toly’s T1 standard airless range for their ‘Platinum Care’ line. The metallic matte finish is complemented with a silver plated pump.

Laboratoires Filorga

Laboratories Filorga launched their new ‘Nutri-Filler Lips’ using Toly’s CT-012-002-1 twistpen.

Medik 8

Toly Asia supplied two heavy wall jars; JA-015-003-50 and JA-015-003-15 for Medik8. To complement their skincare range, the T6 manufactured by Toly Korea was selected for the ‘r-Retinoate®’ cream.

Mila D’Opiz Phyto Deluxe Serum

As part of their ‘Phyto De Luxe’ luxury skincare line, Mila D’Opiz chose to use Toly’s luxury glass dropper- SP18HA- 20RD. The elegant, translucent bottle is topped off with a gold and black pipette, adding volumes to the luxurious feel of the product.

Pupa - Hydra Revolution

Pupa’s ‘Hydra Evolution’ collection was supplied by Toly Korea using TK-357- heavy-walled standard jars.

Rodan & Fields

Rodan + Fields selected one of Toly’s droppers for their ‘Active Hydration Serum’. The auto-priming dropper has a glass and aluminium finish, giving it a smooth and elegant feel.

Tata Harper

Tata Harper chose from Toly’s portfolio of luxury glass droppers for their ‘Beautifying Face Oil’ pack. This dropper is user-friendly, stylish, and provides an extremely sensitive mechanism for precise dosage. Tubes TK-3501D and TK-R3003K from Toly Korea perfectly suit this range.

The Honest Company

The TK-30WD luxury dropper was chosen by The Honest Company for their ‘Everything Organic Facial Oil.’ The bottle is metalized in shiny rose gold and has a single pass silk screen print.


A variety of packs from Toly’s T4 and T1 airless lines were chosen by Valmont. The double-walled dispensers and interesting decoration elevate the product by creating a premium image and on-shelf differentiation. Toly’s airless standard packs were used to launch the brand ‘L’Elixir des Glaciers’ of Valmont. The airless packs are spray coated.