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Toly supports WOW Food Bank Foundation


Toly has always been committed to leaving a positive impact, and as part of our hashtag #MakeaPositiveImpact, we are happy to share our latest contribution. This year, Toly Malta employees donated 3000 euros worth of food to the WOW Food Bank Foundation, as part of our annual donation.

The WOW Food Bank is a local charity that provides support to anyone who is struggling with the high cost of living, including parents who cannot work and are struggling to support their children independently or those who are suffering from a medical condition. Every month, they distribute 200 bags of 50 euros worth of food to families in need. The foundations door remains open from 8am to 11pm and welcomes anyone in need, offering a cup of coffee and sandwich to all who knock on their door.

We are proud to support such a remarkable local charity and we encourage all to extend their support in any way they can to ensure that this organization can continue to provide their crucial services. If you want to make a difference, we urge you to visit the Millennium Chapel in St. Julians, Malta, to donate non-perishable food items and blankets to the foundation.