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Another Positive Initiative by Toly! Presenting the Bra-Vo Campaign


At Toly, we are committed to effecting positive change in our community. This month, we’re initiating a campaign for Breast Cancer Awareness month called Bra-Vo. Over 2 million individuals are diagnosed with breast cancer every year, with over half a million fatalities (according to WHO, 2021). These staggering figures underscore an urgent need for public awareness. 

Contribute to a powerful cause by donating your used bras to support Toly to raise awareness, save lives and remind everyone of the importance of early detection.

By donating ten bras, you will receive a complimentary blush compact. If you do not have any bras to donate you can still support the cause by donating €5 and receiving a free blush compact. All financial contributions will go directly towards hospice and other cancer institutions.

If you wish to donate your used bras, here's how: 

  • Drop off your bras at: Toly Group BLB036A, Bulebel Industrial Estate Żejtun, ZTN 3000 Between 8:00 am - 5:00 pm 
  • Alternatively, contact us on +356 7989000 or and we will organise it.

To further support our cause, Toly will be contacting potential sponsors to donate €20 per bra. All financial contributions will go directly towards committees dedicated to assisting people affected by cancer. In return, the sponsored bras will be sprayed bright pink and displayed on the main road in front of Toly's Offices in Zejtun with the sponsor's name or logo. This campaign will all be taken place at Toly’s offices in Malta.

Join Toly in Making a Difference! This campaign is about more than bras, it is about uniting to educate and remind everyone of the importance of early detection and saving lives. Let's join hands and raise awareness one bra at a time.