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#Makeapositiveimpact the Toly way. It takes one woman to make a difference, this time, it took six.


Women’s day, an international day in which women appreciate and celebrate all women from different countries, ethnicities, backgrounds and status. It’s a day to reflect on the strength and courage of women who fought to allow us to be where we are today. The endless opportunities we are given and the equal rights we have been handed, have all come from one woman to another that have united and come as one, a day to remind ourselves that one woman who stands up for herself is subconsciously standing up for all other women.
As part of Toly’s #Make a positive impact campaign, a team from the marketing department went to visit the ‘Merħba Bik’ women’s shelter, an NGO to support women and children who lived through the nightmare of any act of violence. While physical abuse is visible and recognisable, other forms of violence are more difficult to identify.

The group went to honour the women’s strength and remind each of them about their courage and confidence by showing them that they are of importance, despite their past. The morning activities consisted of hearing their brave stories and a motivational speech was held by the CMO, Dorien Bianco, followed by an hour-long makeup tutorial from our makeup artist providing tips and techniques as to how to apply makeup and enhance the beauty of women’s facial features. A gift bag which included a motivational message was given to each individual.

Women in general all feel more confident once adding a touch of makeup and from one woman to another, the team at Toly wanted to make sure these women felt the heart-warming glow that they felt, as they saw the reflection from their smiling faces. It takes one person to make another person feel like a somebody, in this case it was six women from the Toly Marketing team who made a group of women feel and own their worth.

Achieving equality has resulted in a balanced life and workplace. Toly strive to be a part of this positive change and want to wish all women a happy women’s day.